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Friday, October 7, 2011

Quotes from Chapter Five of Christian Apologetics

While some have pitted faith against reason, the Bible does not endorse blind leaps of faith in the dark but rather speaks of the knowledge of God gained through various rational means. Instead of a leap of faith, it commends a well-informed and volitional step of faith. (Christian Apologetics, p. 96)
Real science arose only once: in Europe. China, Islam, India, and ancient Greece and Rome each had a highly developed alchemy. But only in Europe did alchemy develop into chemistry. By the same token, many societies developed elaborate systems of astrology, but only in Europe did astrology lead to astronomy. Why? [...] Christians developed science because they believed it could be done, and should be done. (Rodney Stark, Victory of Reason, p. 14, quoted on pp. 94-95)
Due to their popularity and the passion with which they are promoted, distorted accounts of Christianity keep many from pondering the genuine Christian message. But popularity and passion do not guarantee truth. This chapter has argued that Christianity can counter the caricatures raised against it. (Christian Apologetics, p. 116)

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