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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Tensions

1. Disjunctive tension: P or non-P (where the terms are clearly defined)
Response: suspend judgment if you don't know which is true. This is rational.

2. Conjunctive tension: P and non-P (where the terms are clearly defined).
Response: If you affirm (2), you are irrational. Sadly, many people do this in the area of spirituality or theology. If so, this terminates all apologetic efforts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Overheard in a bookstore: "I have a very personal belief. The syncronicity of things in the last three days has been amazing. Everything fell into place. Some people may call it God. Awesome. I try to not figure it out..." Think about that! It is another example of cognitive acedia, which is epidemic in our "information society." "The more words, the less meaning, and what does it profit anyone?"--Ecclesiastes.
As a former student of yours, one who took your apologetics course in the fall of 2008, I remember your references to what at the time was your forthcoming work, Christian Apologetics. That semester, I put it on my reading list and looked forward to its completion and arrival. With your works release, I promptly picked up a copy and began working through text. Christian Apologetics has more than exceeded my expectations. It is thoughtful, thorough and well written. Certainly the breadth and scope of the work lays not only a foundation for those with interests in apologetics, but also seems to build the first, second and third floors. Having sat through your tutorials and read a number of your works, I wanted to take the time to thank you and commend you for the effort and commitment you have so consistently demonstrated in furthering the cause of the cross. Undoubtedly you have been one of the biggest influences in my life as I work to cultivate my mind. --Ryan Smith.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

“Jesus is not an ambiguous inkblot upon which we project our pet theories, hopes, or fears. He is a living reality who can be mastered by no one, since He is the Master of the universe. He challenges every counterfeit with His genuineness, every distortion with His veracity… The cross remains a fact of history, and the gospel continues to be the only means of setting people free”

~Douglas Groothuis “Jesus in an Age of Controversy ” (1996)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Edition of Christian Apologetics

"Congratulations: Christian Apologetics has been reprinted. This is the 3rd printing, bringing the total number of copies in print to 8,008. We are pleased to see your book have this continuing ministry."--To me from InterVarsity Press.