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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

‎"The Christian worldview is not proven in one or two strokes but is rather verified by appealing to a wide and compelling variety of converging arguments. Christianity is shown to be the best explanation for the origin and nature of the universe as well as the human condition and the facts of history." -Douglas Groothuis


  1. Jesus' NipplesDecember 1, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Christianity has a wide explanatory scope. The cumulative case should be used more often in apologetics.

  2. Dr. Groothuis,

    I am a Christian currently reading your book. In your chapter on the ontological argument, you write " . . . I think that through conceptual analysis of the idea of God we can determine a priori that a Perfect Being may exist . . ." As far as I can tell, however, you do not work out this conceptual analysis in the book. You do argue briefly that no one has shown that the idea of a Perfect being is incoherent and therefore that such a being cannot possibly exist. But your claim to be able to show that a Perfect Being may exist is a stronger claim than simply being able to show that no one to date has been able to show that the idea is incoherent. But perhaps this is all you meant when you claimed to be able to show that a Perfect Being may exist? If not, how would you show, beyond doubt, that a Perfect Being may exist? Thank you.