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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christian Apologetics, chapter three

"...there is nothing impious in using arguments with unbelievers that employ their God-given reasoning abilities. Good reasoning is not 'autonomous' or 'apostate,' but rather a God-given way to discover truth." p. 63

"Simply put, if a worldview fails to explain what it promises to explain, fails to make sense on its own terms (internal consistency), fails to describe what is there (objective and inner reality), fails to give intelligible meaning to life, or fails to be intellectually and culturally productive, it is disqualified from consideration.  I will argue that Christianity passes these tests better than any of its competitors." p. 72

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  1. I really appreciate the worldview critique. I think unbelievers simply do not consider how illogical their worldviews simply are. I learned Nash's worldview critique in seminary (e.g. tests of reason, experience and practice) and I find yours to be very similar, but more in-depth. Nash's is certainly easier to remember! Your book is the most thorough apologetics treatment I've seen. I'm enjoying reading it.