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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Book Review of My Latest

Here is a review of Christian Apologetics from The Good Book Stall, a UK publication.


  1. I have not finished the book yet, as I am in school and am a bi-vocational pastor, but just wanted to comment that I find it very encouraging to see a defense of the faith with a high view of the scripture. We seem to be living in an age where the best and brightest of theological minds are determined to deconstruct the scripture to a point where there is nothing left but spiritual concepts without a solid basis for belief beyond what anyone in particular might choose to embrace. I am convinced that God acted in real time and space, and that we find in scripture an account of his actions to redeem fallen humanity, and it is Good news indeed.

  2. Do you do debates? Because I think you would take Dawkins, Dennett and Harris in a debate. They can't even come close to engaging with your arguments. Keep up the good work. Your books belong next to the best works by JP Moreland, Craig, and others.